In addition to many songs with his own lyrics in German and English, Augustin has written and continues to write purely instrumental works, from Big Band to string quartet . For classic and for modern ensembles

Of course, these works can be performed worldwide; the sheet music can be purchased on the internet, mostly as a PDF download.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of the individual works and a link to the download page, where you can buy the sheet music, as well as links for pre-listening if so desired.

Augustin also enjoys accepting commissions to compose for various types of ensembles – please contact him here for enquiries.

All works listed here are protected by copyright: in case of a performance, the respective work must be listed in the lists of the respective performing rights organization.

Music cannot be created, because music has always been here, omnipresent and eternal in all its forms, styles and rhythms – it can only be found.

String Quartet

Mozart’s “Little Night Music” in a latin version for string quartet

Playing Mozart’s original, at the apperance of the famous triad motive one can switch to the “latin version”, which after 3 minutes finally ends in Mozart’s original ending.

Duration ca. 5 min

Demo clip with score view

PDF download (single parts and score)

Woodwind Quintet

IN BETWEEN – jazzy ballad for woodwind quintet
performed and recorded by the woodwind quintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin

Jazzy ballad for woodwind quintet. The part of the oboe is written for English Horn, the clarinet part requires also a bass clarinet. An additional part for double bass can be delivered on request (PDF).

Duration ca. 5 min

Link to the recording of the woodwind quintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin

PDF download (single parts and score)

Brass Quintet

as performed by the German “Rennquintett”

The famous christmas tune “Jingle Bells” in a thriving alpine “Oberkrain” style for brass quintet – requires more experienced players, esp. on the first trumpet, which can also be played on a piccolo trumpet. Suites very well as a “da capo” piece for your christmas concert.

Duration ca 01:10 min at 142 bpm

PDF download (single parts and score)

Violoncello and Piano

RAGTIME IT IS op. 123 – Concert Piece for Violoncello and Piano
dedicated to the German cellist Marlene Witt

A „classical“ composition for violoncello and piano. As the title indicates, it is basically written in a typical ragtime style, but enriched with various classical elements and  jazzy harmonics

In the middle one can find a lyrical cello cantabile part in a jazz ballad style, which afte a virtuous celle cadenza leads back to the original ragtime feeling.

Duration ca 6:30 min

Prelistening link with score view

PDF download (single parts and score)

Piano Solo

CHROMATIC BOOGIE – fast Boogie for solo piano

A boogie composition, based aon a chromatique figure which is quoted throughout the whole piece. Though it is written in the typical boogie style, it shows influence of a more contemporary piano style.

Duration ca 2:50 min at 180 bpm

PDF download (single parts and score)

Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano

LARGO AL FACTOTUM – as played in mondern times
Rossini’s famous aria as it might have been played nowadays, arranged for clarinet, bassoon and piano

After a short quote of the original beginning the arrangement plays with jazzy chords and rhythms, though the Rossini’s original melodies remain recognizable. This arrangement has an humouresque character and is well suitable as a “da capo” piece in a classical concert…

Duration ca 3:30 min

PDF download (single parts and score)

Please be fair and do not copy music sheets you purchased (except for private use) and do not pass them further to third; composers also have to find a way of living…